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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Chocolates and crime - my writing week

This week I'm very happy to announce that my first of three cosy crime novels, Murder at the Seaview Hotel, is now available to order. It's released in August 2021 by Headline in ebook, hardback and audiobook and in paperback in November 2021.  

What's it about?  

Well, when a troupe of 12 Elvis impersonators (Twelvis) arrive for an Elvis convention in Scarborough, one of them is found dead and his blue suede shoes are stolen. B&B landlady Helen Dexter and her trusty rescue greyhound Suki are on the case in Murder at the Seaview Hotel, my first cosy crime and you can find out more here.

In terms of actual sitting down on my backside and writing, I wrote the Christmas Coronation Street weekly update and sent it to my emailing list of thousands of Corrie fans around the world. I've been running this list since 1995 and if you'd like to sign up to receive these weekly updates, all details are here.

And I've been working very hard on editing Murder at the Seaview Hotel. Structural editing is hard, intense and requires a lot of concentration so I've been working on it for a couple of hours each day. As it's been Christmas week I took Christmas Day and Boxing Day "off" although was constantly thinking about my work, as I suspect most writers do.

Finally this week I've written a blog post which sums up all of what there is to look forward to in 2021. You can read it all here.

Glenda Young
Author of historical novels with Headline
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