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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Human League at Hammersmith Apollo

As promised, here's a cheap and dirty review of the gig I promised here. It was fab.

Gigs don't often come more fun and this one was fantabulous. It was like a massive Human League sing-a-long karaoke dance party. Phil (now bald so no mad hair-do and sadly, no nipple exposed either) was in good voice and the girls, now well into their forties, the same as ever. Neither of them can hold a tune but when did that ever matter?

After doing the whole of the Dare album there was an interlude in which one of the band played a spine-tingling version of Hard Times then it was back on with Phil and the girls for some beltin' hits. It's amazing how the album and the hits sounded still so fresh, especially Being Boiled, despite it being released back in, gulp, 1978.

And I can add another celeb to my list of those spotted while out and about in London as we saw Matthew Kelly in the bar before the gig started. He's taller than he looks on the telly.


Anonymous said...

Loved it too. The only gig I have been to (for those of a certain era) where everyone was up on their feet from the word go. Fresh and funky as ever. Such warmth from the audience - little too much from the twit at the end but they handled him well too.

KAZ said...

I love that story about the girls being taken out of their lesson at school in Sheffield to go down to London to star on 'Top of the Pops'

Old Cheeser said...

It is sad to know that Phil has lost his hair. But then again so have I. It's a male thing I guess. You have had a lucky escape, Nora.

The thing you pick up on - the fact that none of the group can sing - is kind of what puts me off seeing the League live. Of course that's not the end of the world and the group have knocked out lots of good songs, but I just kind of worry they'd be TOO ropey in concert. I had heard that from other sources...

Still glad to hear you enjoyed it.

The songs from D"are" still hold up well and as I said they knew how to turn out a good pop hit!

But, erm...Matthew Kelly? Somehow I can't see him wearing eye liner with an assymetric fringe. He was doing "Game For A Laugh" around the time of the League wasn't he?! Nuff said.

Steve said...

They're still looking good. The girls can wait at my table at the local cocktail bar anytime they like... or even pass my frozen turkey through the bar code machine as Asda.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Love the Human League !! I was only listening to the best of a few nights ago whilst I worked !!

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