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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coronation Street

I've been writing Coronation Street weekly updates for th'internet since 1995 but had to give them up in September this year. Well, guess what? They're back in all their glory. Corrie fans can find out more about the weekly updates and sign up to receive them in their email each week here, and there's a full archive here. By 'eck, it's good to be back.

I've also set up a new blog for the weekly updates with pictures right here.


Elaine Tessier said...

It is great to have you back. ETessier - Canada

Flaming Nora said...

It's good to be back. Thanks Elaine.

JohnnyFox said...

It's going to be a pugilistic Corrie Christmas - Fiz slaps John, Sally slaps Rosie, Kevin slaps John - and Rosie, well she's just an all-out slapper ...

But at least there'll be some "relief" after the b*tch-slapping, according to Granada's advance storylines, this could be the best post-watershed Christmas episode ever:

"Bill (Peter Armitage) manages to pull Kevin off"


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