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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

On the shelf in Sunderland civic centre

Things happen, don't they? Nice things, I mean. Nice things that make your heart swim with pride and put a tear in your eye. Today was one of those days when something lovely happened. 

Kathryn Robertson is an illustrator and her website is here.  She's created this mural (or as Hilda Ogden would say, a muriel) which now graces a wall in the cafe at Sunderland civic centre. It's a mural of a bookshelf with some Sunderland authors and I'm over the moon to be included. I'm there with Marie Gardener, Nancy Revell, Jessica Andrews, Alan Parkinson, Iain Rowan, Kate Adie, Terry Deary.  

And there's more.  The mural is part of a bigger picture with more authors - including the author of one of my favourite books Alice in Sunderland - Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot, David Turton, Sarah Dobbs, Jane Gulliford, Shiela Quigley and Paul Swinney, 

What an absolute joy.

Glenda Young
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