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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Odd Olive

This blog gets, if its lucky, about 30 hits per day. (My other blog gets hundreds of thousands of hits per month but that's another story and another blog).

A few months ago I wrote a little blog post about Olive from On the Buses.

It's here.

And for some reason it's sent the statometer mad and I don't know why. Is Olive the new black? Are specs and greasy hair the in-thing? Is Olive the new Kate Moss?

Who knows?

And so I've updated the blog post about Olive to ask why so many hits are coming in on that post. If some kind soul tells me why, I'll share it with the other 29 of you who read this.


Sky Clearbrook said...

My experience is that whenever I mention, say, Sally Thomsett, Sheila Fearn, Kirstie Allsop, Lorne Spicer or Coleen Nolan, all I get is people searching for either "so-and-so naked" or "so-and-so's tits". Especially for the Nolan sister.

There's a wide world full of "zany" people out there I wouldn't even pretend to begin to understand it or them.

missbehaving said...

To get a clearer picture of things here, I suggest we all, copy and paste YOUR original Olive post into our own blogs and see what happens, rule out a freak peak, in the interests of research of course ;)

For me it was a picture of Rizzo.
even a year later. So are there jillions of people googling 'Rizzo' and getting to my blog,( and immediately leaving) or did someone do it once and then contact everyone else and say, 'Jeez this woman has written a fabulousy scintillating post about her kid starting high school?
Surely the latter ? :).

Steve said...

There was always something ineffably tawdry about On The Buses but Olive was always a goddess of sorts. Not sure I'd Google search her tits though.

Mind you, I'm sure I read somewhere that she used to do a bit of glamour modelling before her acting days.

Flaming Nora said...

It's mad, innit? Maybe there's an Olive fetish group somewhere online.

Mimi Maguire said...

I'm too young (just) to remember the original On The Buses, but my mum loved it, and Olive was her favourite character. She says that everyone knows an Olive, or went to school with one, or has an aunty/cousin/sister who has all the characteristics of OFOTB. There's a woman in our office who's a dead-ringer for Olive. I'm almost tempted to take a piccie on my mobile and send it to your blog, but if 'Olive' found out, she'd have my guts for her (considerable) garters!

Mimi Maguire said...

Ooh, now you've got ME haunted by Olive too! And I've found an interesting snippet about her. Apparently, from time to time she is employed by Transport for London as a 'mystery traveller' conducting anonymous surveys on buses regarding cleanliness and the quality of driving.

Life imitating art, eh?! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hugh Dennis just described one of the candidates on the Apprentice as being like Olive from On the Buses. I did a google and ended up here.

Hello! *waves*

Anonymous said...

I just did the same as the previus poster. Hello from me too :-) P.S. The resesmblance with Lorraine from The Apprentice is uncanny!

Richard Gottfried said...

Perhaps the On The Buses Fan Club got wind of your blog post...

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