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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stormy Weather

I love a good thunderstorm, me. Living in London I don't see many of them but as these words are being blogged, thunder rages outside of the window with raindrops as big as two-pence bits hurtling down to the garden and soaking into the lawn.

I'll go outside once it's stopped and breathe in that gorgeous metallic charge in the air that thunderstorms always leave.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life's a beach

I need to go shopping for clothes this weekend and I hate going shopping for clothes. Anyway, what I need is some holiday wear, for a hot Spanish beach. I have an idea in my head that I'll buy swimwear that'll make me look like this...

... but when I'm at the beach I always seem to end up looking like this...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, June 22 2009

I've been writing Coronation Street weekly updates since 1995 and this week's Coronation Street update has just gone live here.

This week the update comes with a slimy little creature. No, not Slug; John Stape.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Paul O'Grady

I'm a big fan of Paul O'Grady and on a good day with the wind in the tube tunnel blowing in the right direction, can get home in time from work to watch the last half of his tea-time show on Channel 4. I've waited ages for his autobiography to come out in paperback and now it has, I'm devouring every word with a chuckle and a smile. Highly recommended reading.

How do, hairdo?

Walking around central London one lunchtime last week I passed a group of foreign tourists. And one of them made me stare. She was a woman of a certain age, too old to be truly beautiful and too young to be wearing crimplene but her hair, oh my word, her hair was a work of art. It was coiffured, laquered to within an inch of itself and set into a proper, old fashioned beehive. It was truly a work of art and I almost gave it a round of applause.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

London x 8

It's eight years this weekend since I left the warmth of the north for the smug of the south to come and live in London with my lovely man. And although I make the most of living in the capital, the bright lights mask the fact the streets are not paved with gold but with pigeon poo and disappointed dreams. Or is that disappointed pigeons and poo dreams? Either way, you know what I mean.

Some times, living in London makes me feel like this...

And other times, fortunately most of the time, like this...

But still, I don't half get homesick.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, June 8 2009

I've been writing Coronation Street weekly updates since 1995 and this week's Coronation Street update has just gone live here.

This week the update comes with Bobby Crush on the organ.

Scarborough makes me smile

Spent a long weekend in Scarborough with fella, family and friends and smiled for three days non-stop. It was a weekend that included a trip to the Stephen Joseph Theatre to watch this Alan Ayckbourn play, eating fresh fish and chips, enjoying ice-cream on the sea-front, playing frisbee on the beach, losing money on the slots, walking our legs off along the cliff-tops and of course, doing this.

Accentuate the positive

Peeking at the titles of books other people on the tube are reading is a joy. Well, you have to do something to pass the time between stations. And besides, I'm nosy. But this morning I sat next to a woman who pulled out one of those self-help type books from her bag with the curious - and rather sad - title, Get Rid of Your Accent.

I don't have estuary English and I don't speak posh. My vowels will always be flat. Why anyone would want to change their accent is beyond me. I've been feeling sad about that book title all day.
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