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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nick Lowe

The new Nick Lowe CD At My Age is a dream to listen to. Whenever I hear a Suede song it makes me want to snog the face off someone. When I listen to Nick Lowe, it makes me want to give someone a really, really big hug.


I’ve recently read and highly enjoyed two Louise Welsh novels set in Glasgow, The Cutting Room and The Bullet Trick. I’ve also just finished reading jPod by Douglas Coupland. It’s not only turned out to be my favourite Douglas Coupland novel (and I’ve read ‘em all) but possibly it’s also the best novel that I’ve read in a long time.

Oooh, what to read next? I’m dying to read the new Tales of the City novel Michael Tolliver Lives, by Armistead Maupin, but I can’t be doing with hardback books. When you read on the tube every day to and from work, you really need the paperback to carry around.


My hair is almost in the swingy about bob thing that I’ve been trying to grow it into for months. It’s getting quite nice but no-one notices except me.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

B-52s, at last

I am more excited than a grown up person should be and I've been like this for weeks. Having bought tickets, twice, to see my favourite band in the whole wide world, the B-52s, they went and cancelled both times. That's twice in a year that they announced London gigs, twice I bought the tickets, and twice they cancelled. I'd almost given up hope then found out they were playing the Lovebox Weekender here in July. Yes, I've got my tickets and while I know Kate Pierson won't be doing this as it's an Iggy Pop song that she featured on, not a B-52s song, by heck, it's a song that I just love to little mint balls.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Geezer at Glastonbury

This morning the fella I love set off on his regular trip to Glastonbury and I won’t see him till Monday, although it could be Thursday by the time he starts to see straight and form words and Friday by the time he gets rid of the smell.

02 Wireless Festival

To Hyde Park last weekend for the last day of the 02 Wireless Festival. The reason I wanted to go was mainly to see Editors but as the Kaiser Chiefs were headlining we watched them too and they were better than I expected. There was a young band called Ripchord who were energetic and frentically tuneful. The beer was warm, food was overpriced and nasty, weather was clement. All in all, not a bad day out.

The Dooleys

What on earth happened to The Dooleys? A singing sensation at around the same time as The Nolans, I went to see them perform at the Sunderland Empire back in the 80s. Where are they now?

Celebrity Spotting

As I work in central London it’s not uncommon to pass celebs on the street but it still makes me smile and so I’ll give them a mention. I saw two celebs recently, one was Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet who looked taller and a bit beefier than he does on TV. I walked past him just off Tottenham Court Road.

The other celeb I spotted was the loud, camp bloke off the telly called Alan Carr who was shopping in Heal’s. I heard him before I saw him, told you he was loud.

Dr Who-woo

Having one good looking fella on Dr Who is great. Having two is pretty nice but having three is going to be wonderful. Yes, there’s a trio of top telly totty in Dr Who this coming Saturday night with the delicious Doctor, the Master and Captain Jack, all at the same time in the same episode and on the same night. Ooh, be still my beating blogspot.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Soap Show Podcast

The latest monthly Coronation Street podcast has gone live over at The Soap Show. It’s called Word on the Street, involves a chat about the latest storylines, reveals some upcoming spoilers and this month features a chat all about Sally Webster. You can have a listen to it here if you like.

Pirates of the Caribbean

To the flicks this week to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 which was a cracking hoot. Our local cinema costs £3.50 on a Tuesday night so with two tickets and a shared bag of Revels, it was a good night out for under a tenner. I thought it was funny when I suggested we sit in Row R, argh but no one else laughed.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Open Garden Squares Weekend

If, like me, you like gardening and you're a bit nosy, you might just like the Open Garden Squares Weekend in London. It's this coming Saturday and Sunday 9-10th June. You can get into gardens that are normally closed to the public. One garden we saw last year was a roof-top garden on a Kensington store that had flamingos in it. It's a bit corporate though, owned by Virgin, but still very interesting and well worth a look. Did you know there's a garden on top of John Lewis in Oxford Street? It's not on the list of open gardens this year but it's been open in the past on the special weekend. Anyway, it's definitely worth spending £6 on a ticket for a peek at secret and hidden areas of London. Mind you, your ticket won't get you into this garden here, it's ours.
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