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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Open Garden Squares Weekend

If, like me, you like gardening and you're a bit nosy, you might just like the Open Garden Squares Weekend in London. It's this coming Saturday and Sunday 9-10th June. You can get into gardens that are normally closed to the public. One garden we saw last year was a roof-top garden on a Kensington store that had flamingos in it. It's a bit corporate though, owned by Virgin, but still very interesting and well worth a look. Did you know there's a garden on top of John Lewis in Oxford Street? It's not on the list of open gardens this year but it's been open in the past on the special weekend. Anyway, it's definitely worth spending £6 on a ticket for a peek at secret and hidden areas of London. Mind you, your ticket won't get you into this garden here, it's ours.


Steve said...

That's a handsome looking shed if ever I saw one.

John Bailey said...

This is a garden I could so easily love.

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