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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dr Who-woo

Having one good looking fella on Dr Who is great. Having two is pretty nice but having three is going to be wonderful. Yes, there’s a trio of top telly totty in Dr Who this coming Saturday night with the delicious Doctor, the Master and Captain Jack, all at the same time in the same episode and on the same night. Ooh, be still my beating blogspot.


Steve said...

I would have loved Derek Jacobi to have regenerated into Gene Hunt / Phillip Glenister (as much as I like John Simm). Just think what a terrific show that would have been. "Time Travel? There'll be no such thing as time travel as long as there's a hole in my arse... and you're nicked for impersonating a police box!"

Tvor said...

Ooh ooh i didn't know you were a Who fan!!! lol at "steve"'s comment though :) i liked Life on Mars too. I've been d/l Doctor Who every weekend, too impatient to wait for CBC to show it. Now Tennant doesn't do much for me, i preferred Eccleston for that, but i don't mind having a drool over Captain Jack :)

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