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Friday, August 03, 2012

Crazy golfing mad in Scarborough

Regular readers will know I enjoy holidays in Scarborough. I also enjoy a spot of crazy golf so what better than to combine a crazy golf tournament with a day in Scarborough?  Well, we had FUN, that's all I can say! All pictures below are my own.

We played four crazy golf courses starting with the Merlin Pirate Adventure Mini Golf next to the Sealife Centre. Its website is here.

This was by far the most "corporate" of the crazy golf courses we played, it's a franchise after all, but it did offer a lot, especially the rather annoying but fun "Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho" pirate song.  There wasn't a lot of space on this course and it did feel a little packed with families queuing to play by the time we left.  However, the big plus is that there are two pirate boats that you have to use to cross the river to get around the course and these are great fun, whatever your age. The site was well-maintained with nice landscaping and would probably be the most fun for kids to play, with its pirate theme, pirate song and boats.

Cost to play was £4 each (with a 2nd game half-price if you played straight away.)
Scores: Flaming Nora 50; Sunny Jim 44.
Number of holes: 12
Our vote for fun: 4 out of 5

The second crazy golf course we played was also called Pirate Golf. It's on the promenade along the sea-front from the Mini-Golf mentioned above.  This was by far our favourite course to play because it's quiet, peaceful, it has wonderful views of the North Bay and castle, it's been there forever and you can wave at the people going by on the North Bay railway train.

It's a proper, old fashioned crazy golf course, no gimmicks, just fun.  This crazy golf course has been featured on CBeebies who voted it their favourite too.  It's easy to see why.  It's also the course used for the Yorkshire Championships.

Cost to play was £2.50 each
Scores: Flaming Nora 43; Sunny Jim 31 - beating the current Yorkshire Champion by 1 point - and he scored a hole in one!
Number of holes: 9
Our vote for fun: 5* out of 5

The third course we played was The Crazy Crab.  It's one that we'd ignored every time we'd seen it in Scarborough because it has a temporary look to it and to be honest, seemed a bit naff.  But in the interests of, ahem, research we paid our money, took our sticks and balls and played the course.

Surprisingly, it was a lot more fun that we expected although it's on a busy main road - where the open-top bus turns around in the North Bay - and so was noisy and didn't feel very relaxed. It's got lovely sea views, but was too quick to play.

Cost to play was £2 each
Scores: Flaming Nora 38; Sunny Jim 42.
Number of holes: 12
Our vote for fun: 3 out of 5

The final course we played was  the Seaside Crazy Golf beside Peasholm Park and located opposite the wonderful North Riding Brew pub, which is one of our favourite pubs in Scarborough.  

This was an odd course in that it was concrete so the ball never stopped rolling like it did on the other courses we played. This accounts for the huge scores we both got because each hole was pretty tricky to play.  However, it is in a lovely spot, with seating around it for family members who aren't playing to sit and rest and watch. On the day we were there, there was an abundance of nana on the benches! 
It's a traditional course with good landscaping.  And so, after playing four games of crazy golf there was only one thing to do after we hung up our sticks and balls - and that was to head to the North Riding Brew pub for a pint and a half of their specially brewed beer, "Ay Up".

Cost to play was £2 each
Flaming Nora 74; Sunny Jim 66.
Number of holes: 15
Our vote for fun: 3.5 out of 5

Finally, I know it's not crazy golf but I'm going to give a well-deserved if quick mention to the Holbeck putting green - because of its stunning views. Who needs to go golfing in Pebble Beach when there are putting greens with views like this in Scarborough? 

Cost to play was £1.90 each
Flaming Nora 55; Sunny Jim 48
Number of holes: 18
Our vote for views: 10 out of 5 

There's another putting green in Peasholm Park which we didn't play, but if you know any more crazy golf courses in Scarborough, please do let me know.


Joe G said...

The temporary one you mentioned, literally was temporary at one point. It used those tubes that you use to float on in swimming pools and was even worse than now.

The only other place I can think of are the pitch and putt at the top of peasholm.

I agree with all the scores there, even though I used to work on the Sea Life one ;)

Richard Gottfried said...

On a trip to Northallerton back in 2008 we stopped off in Scarborough before heading on to Filey. Despite having heard there were quite a few courses there (via the excellent website) the only course we could find to play was the Pirate Adventure Golf on the front! It was good fun, but quite tricky.

I seem to remember a Putting Green being in one of the parks too.

I'm looking forward to returning to Scarborough again in the future. The Yorkshire Championship sounds interesting too.

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