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Saturday, April 14, 2007

When I am Queen

When I'm Queen I'd open up Buckingham Palace, free of charge, for anyone who wants to come in and have a look around and take tea in the gardens, wearing whatever they blinkin' well like. No hats, no pomp, no circumstance, just fun - and a good nosy around my London home. When I'm Queen I'd ban all reality TV shows involving plastic surgery and/or Simon Cowell. I'd get rid of Page 3 girls, lads' mags and the Soccerette slot from Sky Sports' otherwise brilliant Soccer AM show. I'd insist on confidence building and assertiveness training classes for all school children, girls and boys, starting from primary school up. I'd make yoga classes free of charge, up and down the land. I'd make Kathy Burke Prime Minster. And finally, I'd abolish the monarchy, sending out various members of my family to do an honest day's toil on a factory floor.
[Originally written by me for Dollymix]

1 comment:

Steve said...

Feel free to seize the throne as soon as possible - you'll get no complaints from my house!

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