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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Robert Elms

Robert Elms is a name perhaps more familiar to those who live in London rather than those who live out. He does an excellent show on BBC Radio London and pops up as a paid talking head on loads of shows about London too. He's also a journalist and was one of the major New Romantics back in the '80s. I've just finished reading his book A Life In Threads: The Way We Wore and recommend it highly to anyone - by which I mean everyone - with an interest in clothes, music and youth culture but particularly and especially, to anyone (like me), who used to dress like this.


KAZ said...

As you would predict - I have also read the 'Life in Threads' book and found it fascinating .. though Robert Elms is a bit difficult to love.
I've also read the Adam Ant autobiog - I found it really surprising.

Flaming Nora said...

Kaz, would you recommend the Adam Ant book?

KAZ said...

I bought it at the remaindered book store - wait for the paperback.

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