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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Marks and Spencer’s pants

Does anyone remember the advert for Richard Shops? If, like me, the thought of it rings a bell way back in the depths of your mind, didn’t the song in the ad go something like this:

Richard Shops are filled with all the pretty things
Soft and lovely pretty things to wear
Come now, pretty things, make the world a prettier place
Come prettier, come buy your clothes at Richard Shops

I hadn’t thought about Richard Shops in years, not until the new ad for Marks and Spencer aired the other week. You know the one I mean, it’s got Itchy Coo Park as the soundtrack, and a pre-pregnant Myleene Klass in her knickers as the USP.

It’s also got Twiggy and a bunch of air-brushed lovelies floating around in pretty things to wear, sitting in a field having a picnic and generally being too girly for their own good. But I don’t want adverts for pretty things, floaty dresses, pointy shoes, floppy hats, things I’ll wear once and never put on again. I don’t want Myleene Klass’ knockers on my telly. What I’d like to see are adverts for proper clothes worn by proper women. You know what I mean. The pair of jeans that last for seven years, the out of shape jumper you never want to take off, the t-shirt that hugs your bumps in all the right places, the shoes that give you super powers. The sort of clothes that aren’t precious, are for every day, hard working and funky. And that’s something a floaty dress and a floppy hat can never, ever be. [Originally written by me for Dollymix]

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