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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Entertainer

To the Old Vic this week to see Robert Lindsay and Pam Ferris (the woman from Darling Buds of May who wasn’t Catherine Zeta-Jones) in The Entertainer. It was an excellent piece of theatre. I raise my hat to Robert Lindsay who, apart from being gorgeous, whilst acting on stage and delivering dialogue, someone’s mobile phone went off in the audience. A lot of people laughed, I didn’t. Robert gave the audience member a stare and carried on. He should have threatened to walk off stage, like Richard Griffiths once did.

A return to the Old Vic this summer is on the cards as they’re running Gaslight (aka The Murder in Thornton Square) by Patrick Hamilton. I’ve read all his novels, you know.

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Steve said...

I've liked Robert Lindsay since his Wolfie Smith days. I mightily liked his stiff but fatherly Captain Perlieu in the Hornblower stories too... superb actor. And who can forget the tour de fource that was GBH? I envy you seeing him on the stage.

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