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Monday, January 22, 2007

Room 101

Paul Merton does a great job as host of Room 101. We went to the recording of one of the shows a couple of years ago when he had Ross Noble in the hot seat and every time I watch Room 101 it makes me think about stuff I really hate so much that I’d want it put away forever. So, here’s a few of my least favourite things I’d happily consign to Room 101.

Black liquorice. It is the food of the devil. However, I love red liquorice laces.

People who don’t hold doors open for others and let the door swing back into someone else’s face, leg, arm. Likewise people who don’t say Thankyou when you hold the door open for them.

People who don’t respect the space of others. Yes, I’m talking about you with your IPod on too loud on a morning when you’re sat next to me on the tube. Or you, nattering into your your mobile phone as you walk through a doorway, clearly too busy to hold it open so that it swings back into someone else’s face, leg, arm.


Steve said...

I have it on good authority that black liquorice is the poo of the devil. Nasty revolting stuff. Bertie Bassett is Beelzebub and I have dark suspicions about the Home Pride man too...

Anonymous said...

The best red licorice is "Red Vines" in the USA and they come in a big plastic box so they can last for ages. No fat is an added extra.

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