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Monday, January 22, 2007

Get your boots on

Watching TOTP2 on telly the other day, King came on and sang Love and Pride from 1984. I almost fell off the sofa. If ever a song can knock me back to a time and a place, it’s that one. It was a good time, it was a good place. I can still smell the cider and Cherry B.


Old Cheeser said...

Love and P-P-P-P-Pride!! Paul King was a bit of a poser though wasn't he. I liked another song called "Torture". King didn't last long, sadly. Whatever happened to Paul K? ( know he presented on MTV for a while, but that was years ago...)

Steve said...

THAT was my heart you've torn out!!

Ah the King of the Mullet! Those were the days! I'm pretty sure that King originated in my neck of the woods - Coventry. We're a hot-bed of musical genius here, don't you know. The Specials came from Cov too. And the lead singer of All About Eve.

Sorry, need to lie down now and reminisce about the good old days of the eighties... shoulder pads... army trench coats... The Tube... Saturday Superstore... oh geez... that's enough!

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