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Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year, new haircut

It’s time for another haircut and my salon of choice which fills all the beauty criteria a girl needs (it’s near the office so I can nip out at lunchtime) is one that Time Out magazine this week said was the best in London (possibly true), expensive (definitely true, but I’m worth it). It also said you have to wait weeks for an appointment (so not true).


Gustavo said...

So what style are you going for then, Nora? A Rita Fairclough style ginger curly perm? A Bet Lynch beehive? Or how about a Janice Battersby style mullett? (Sorry couldn't resist, but I know you're a Corrie fan...)

Old Cheeser said...

You won't believe this Nora (Old Cheeser here) - for some bizarre reason, my last comments (on this and your other post) appeared with my husband's name (Gustavo). Don't quite know how that happened! Most odd! But it's me, honest!

OC x

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