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Thursday, September 09, 2021

The day I went on TV

This week I did something I thought I'd never have the courage to do. I appeared on television.  Now, you might be thinking 'well, so what?' but for me appearing on television always seemed an insurmountable task. 

But now I've conquered my greatest fear I'm wondering what else I could be capable of.

I appeared on BBC Look North East and Cumbria as a guest judge in their monthly weather picture competition. It was an honour to be asked ... but when I was approached earlier this year I turned the BBC down. I was too scared to go on TV.

It wasn't the first time I've been asked to go on TV. As a Coronation Street "super fan" I am often asked to appear on TV if a major news story about the show hits the headlines. However, I have always refused such invitations as they cripple me with anxiety.

So why did I eventually change my mind and accept the offer from the BBC to appear on local news?

Well, it's because I was given an amazing opportunity to talk to the BBC about my novels set in Ryhope and my cosy crime novels set in Scarborough. 

If I don't blow my own trumpet about my books, nobody else will.

And when Ryhope Community Centre said we could film in the main hall in front of the Ryhope miners' banner, I knew then that it was an offer I couldn't refuse.  

Below are some pictures from the filming on the day with BBC Weatherman Paul Mooney.

This is the plaque on the wall outside of Ryhope Community Centre.

And here I am pictured talking to Paul and trying to act naturally in front of the camera while I was shaking inside. 

Paul was very professional and friendly and instantly put me at ease as we were filming.

This is the newer sign outside of Ryhope Community Centre, a place which remains a hub of the community with a lot going on. On the day were were filming, food for the community foodbank was being delivered and classes were going on downstairs. Their website is here

Here are more pictures of me being filmed by Paul Mooney - meteorologist, weather presenter, cameraman, sound, lighting, you name it, he does it!

I was terrified but determined! 

Would I do it all again? 

In a heartbeat.


Glenda Young

Twitter: @Flaming_Nora

Facebook: GlendaYoungAuthor

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