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Monday, March 23, 2015

Very Virgo

I secretly enjoy reading Horoscopes.  I say 'secretly' because I don't subscribe to the fact that astrology can predict what is going to happen in anyone's lives, and I don't believe that only 12 personality types exist, one for each sign of the zodiac. But I secretly peek at my Virgo horoscope every now and then in the hope it'll tell me that today's the day I should buy a lottery ticket becaue I'll win big.  Horoscopes - I know they're not true but I secretly hope they are.

And so in the interests of research and with my daily horoscope for my sign of Virgo - via - I'm going to blog every day this week from Monday 23 March to Friday March 27 with my horoscope from that website. And then I'll let you know if it came true. Or not.

Here's my horoscope for today, Monday March 23 2015
Someone could call your bluff - or a deadline might be brought forward. Either way you might feel you're taking action before you're good and ready. To do this is likely to require following a gut instinct. The mood of a Taurus friend may have been a major factor up until now. It's possible that they've driven you too far though - and now you need to show you're in charge.
Did any of it come true, make sense, touch a nerve, relate to my life in any way at all with what happened today?


Do I even have a Taurus friend?


Tune back tomorrow to see if tomorow's prediction comes true. I don't know about you, but I can't wait. If it gives me the winning lottery numbers, I'll be sure to let you know.

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