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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Very Virgo - Day 4

Carrying on my quest to find the perfect horoscope for my star sign, here we go with Day 4 of Very Virgo.

In the interests of research and with my daily horoscope for my sign of Virgo - via - I'm blogging every day this week from Monday 23 March to Friday March 27 with my horoscope from that website. And then I'll let you know if it came true. Or not.

Here's my horoscope for today, Thursday March 26 2015
Nerves could be stretched every which way when neither people nor machines behave as you want them to. An instruction manual might be more than a little challenging. As the day progresses and the more creative side of your brain gets to work, you find the answer to this puzzle. A Cancer friend might have useful tips too.
Did any of it come true, make sense, touch a nerve, relate to my life in any way at all with what happened today?

Well, here's the thing. Not really, but... I helped my brother (a person) with a spreadsheet on his computer (a machine) and then printed it out for him on his printer (another machine).  Nerves were stretched, but they weren't mine, they were my brother's, who was in a panic as neither the people (my brother) or the machines (computer and printer) behaved as he wanted them to. So it's not directly related to me, but I can make a connection if I screw my eyes up tight and try really, really hard.

Did you read any instruction manuals today?


Are you sure?


And what about that bit about as the day progresses, the creative side of my brain got to work?

That bit is scarily accurate, although it didn't help solve a puzzle. At the end of today I went to my writing group, where my brain soared high on a creativity buzz.

And did a Cancer friend have any useful tips?

I don't think I've got a friend under the sign of Cancer, at least not one I'm aware of, and if I do then it's not someone I met today, so that bit is a load of blarney.

Are you sure, to be sure?

Oh yes.

You're quite enjoying talking to yourself through the medium of blog posts, aren't you?


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