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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Very Virgo - Day 2

Carrying on my quest to find the perfect horoscope for my star sign, here we go with Day 2 of Very Virgo.

In the interests of research and with my daily horoscope for my sign of Virgo - via - I'm blogging every day this week from Monday 23 March to Friday March 27 with my horoscope from that website. And then I'll let you know if it came true. Or not.

Here's my horoscope for today, Tuesday March 24 2015
Internet shopping in the quest to resolve a long-standing domestic problem could take longer than you imagine but yield the right goods at the perfect price. It's possible too that you'll use this medium to compare holiday travel prices. In relaying information later in the day, you could enthuse someone to plan ahead with you. Combining forces is another of the day's big themes.
Did any of it come true, make sense, touch a nerve, relate to my life in any way at all with what happened today?


So I didn't do any internet shopping, or have a domestic problem (long-standing or not) or compare holiday prices?


How about the bit about combining forces?

I'm sitting down to watch the telly with my husband. Does that count?


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