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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Talkin bout my meditation

Every day since January 12th this year I have meditated. It was prescribed to me, it works and I've been doing it daily ever since. I never want it to not be a part of my life.

There's no special way to sit, look or dress for meditation. That's why images like these are misleading and harmful.
You don't need to be gym bunny. You don't go 'omm...' (unless you want to) and you don't 'zone out' (ditto).  Meditation isn't about relaxation, although this might happen. It's not about chilling out, tuning out, getting in touch with your inner gnome.

It's about awareness. And with heightened awareness, the ability is there to change how you feel.  So forget the image above, the white clothes, the crossed legs, the 'omm...' of it all. 

Instead, sit down on a chair, or on the floor, open a mindful meditation on YouTube and do this, daily. Repeat and enjoy.

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