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Friday, March 27, 2015

Very Virgo - the final reckoning

Carrying on my quest to find the perfect horoscope for my star sign, here we go with the final day of Very Virgo.

In the interests of research and with my daily horoscope for my sign of Virgo - via - I'm blogging every day this week from Monday 23 March to Friday March 27 with my horoscope from that website. And then I'll let you know if it came true. Or not.

Here's my horoscope for today, Friday March 27 2015
Whilst part of a large group you could build friendship with a Leo or Scorpio. The attraction's likely to be their determination to find something that's 'perfect'. The Leo might be going about this in an obvious way, whilst the Scorpio is getting there by stealth. You could help both by introducing them to an expert. Indeed, it's through your network that a problem could be solved. This introduction could earn you extra points (and later, perhaps, a discount).
Did any of it come true, make sense, touch a nerve, relate to my life in any way at all with what happened today?

A tiny bit of resonance, that's all.

In what way?

A close friend who is a Scorpio (I had to check what a Scorpio was) is the same close friend I helped earlier this week with a major project (see Day 3). I have given her some introductions and she is getting to her project via stealth.  And if the project comes off, it will have been aided by my network contacts I have passed on to her.

Do you think it'll earn you extra points or a discount?

No, that part's not relevant.

Is that it?


Today's the last day of the week for your analysis into your star sign. How do you feel it's gone?

I wanted it to be wrong every day, and on a couple of occasions it's been spot on. I find that quite eerie and yet quite comforting at the same time.  I do wonder if I'd chosen a star sign other than my own if the experience would have been similar, though.

You're such a cynic, aren't you?


And what's been the best thing about analysing your star sign this week?

Talking to myself through the medium of my own blog posts.


It's been a pleasure.

No, thankyou.

I'm going now.

You go first.

No, you.



I've gone.

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