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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Would you shop at the Playboy store?

There's a Playboy shop on London's Oxford Street. Hardly a mecca for discerning shoppers, Oxford Street's more dingy end contains the type of shop that displays most of their goods outside the shop on security hangers to 'entice' people inside. This is the low budget, rip off, dirty end of Oxford Street and it's here where I've just passed a Playboy Shop sign.

Who shops there? Will you, reading this? In fact, I'm feeling really angry that the brand has been allowed on to the high streets in the first place with the pencil cases and fluffy bunny stationery that seem to have been a soaraway success. Surely Playboy's legacy, if indeed it has one, is leering and lecherousness - not liberation - and that shouldn't be wrapped up and sold on the streets as a product to be admired and bought into. It's wrong.

1 comment:

missbehaving said...

I agree, it's everywhere here too, I tried to keep it out, but they smuggled socks and pencil cases in behind my back...

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