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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Helen Chamberlain appreciation day

Being a football fan and living with / loving another football fan, our Saturdays now start at football o’clock even if we do support different teams. Like a lot of football fans, we’ve got a Saturday ritual thing going which includes a big grilled breakfast with lashings of tea while wearing lucky socks and pants. It’s then off to football we go to support either the away games in London for Sunderland AFC (me) or Middlesbrough FC (him). But before we head out of the door, there’s a part of the ritual that must be observed otherwise the day will surely end in tears. Yes, we turn the telly on and tune in to watch Soccer AM. The show on Sky has become one of my favourite TV programmes over the last few years, due in no small part to female presenter Helen Chamberlain who is a real joy to watch.

Not only does Helen know her football stuff but she stops the show from sliding into what could quite easily become a lads’ free for all. I can’t bear to watch the Soccerette slot and nip out of the room when she comes on. Wishing that part of the show away over the last couple of years hasn’t seemed to work so it looks like we’re stuck with the anachronistic, sexist bit of the show, which fortunately, Helen plays no part in. The only time Helen interacts with the Soccerette on screen is when they’re out in the car park doing the goal shots and Helen’s running around with the ball and her mic and the Soccerette just sort of stands around in tight shorts and looks lost. But then perhaps that’s the point.

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