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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 10 things I Love about London Underground

1. Piccadilly Line. It runs from the end of my street to central London in 20 minutes flat.
2. Docklands Light Railway. Who hasn’t sat at the front of the train pretending to be the driver?
3. Jubilee Line extension. Shiny stations. Lots of silver. Non-claustrophic platforms.
4. The tube map. Much like myself, it’s iconic, easy to understand and lovely to look at.
5. It’s quick and reliable. Well, usually, and more often than not.
6. The heavy, metallic clang at Wood Green station on a morning. That clang can only ever mean one thing – it’s an empty train pulling out of the sidings and into the station. What joy.
7. Baker Street station. It’s like being in a 1930s detective film set.
8. The guard at Russell Square station. He’s always smiled and said hello to me, almost every morning for the last 9 years. But I will never forgive the policeman who, on the day the Piccadilly line reopened after the July 7 2005 bombing, urged all of us nervous commuters to "give a big smile, big smiles everybody" for the waiting press cameras at the exit as we came out of the lift. The woman behind me was in tears. Needless to say, no-one smiled.
9. Angel. What’s not to like when a station’s got such a heavenly name?
10. The seat covers. They never seem as minging and fetid as they undoubtedly are.


Tvor said...

I don't see this blog under your list.
It's so great!

Fran Hill said...

I miss London for many reasons, and being on the Tube is one of them. Even if you are hot and sweaty and someone's shoving their copy of the Telegraph into the side of your head, you just feel so damned cosmopolitan! Still, I don't miss hearing the planes ....

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