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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saucy secrets

Anyone know why sachets of sauce you get in caffs have got different numbers on them in one corner?  It's been bugging me for, ooh, about three days now.


Fran Hill said...

So you can tot up the calories. Each sachet: say, 50 cals. You had 13 with your chips. That's ... that's ... a lot of cals.

Unknown said...

Gees, I thought they were all different brands of shampoo.

Bernard said...

a) Perhaps it's for the waiters/waitresses to know which meals to serve them with?
b) The two sauces have the No 4, so maybe a storage indicator. ie store in a cold place. Tom.ketch. - room temperature.
c) The maximum number any customer can have (free) :)

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