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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Beer goggles

It had to happen one day and today was that day. After recent niggles with my eyesight I went to see the optician. I turned up with my free eye-test voucher in hand that my employer hands out as I use a VDU at work, settled down in the chair and a nice lady looked deep, deep into my eyes.  She asked me to look at letters on the wall, words on a card, colours on a chart.  And then she told me that while it was my decision of course, the eye-test results meant that she had to recommend I start to wear reading glasses.  It's a milestone of sorts and not one that's welcome.  And while I would hope to be looking like this wearing my new specs:

I fear I'll end up looking like this:


Tvor said...

It won't be that bad and reading specs are only part time anyway!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i's not a look that's working for me either.

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