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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Would you date a short man?

The Guardian once asked: What's wrong with tall women dating short men? As a tall woman who has dated short men in the past, let me give you the answer to that question.

I'm a 5' 10" leggy lady and here's my top reasons why I'll never date a short arse again.

When sitting or er, reclining, height doesn't matter. But a few inches makes all the difference as soon as you're both stood up because:
Other people assume that your man's your little brother.
I never felt I could truly be "me" and take pride in myself at my true height. This meant I often ended up stooping, which is never a good look on a tall lass.
I never again want to bow my head to kiss anyone.

1 comment:

Tvor said...

I understand this. :) And G. is about exactly the same height as me. It's fine and i don't wear heels anymore anyway :) I've not dated anyone as short as the one in your picture here, but have a couple of inches. Add to my height, that i'm a large person too and next to a shorter man, i really feel big and awkward.

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