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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Football season starts next week

It'll be football o'clock in our house on Saturday 11 August when the footy season kicks off again. I can't wait, especially now with Sunderland AFC back in the Premiership. Anyway, one of the joys of the football season starting again is that Soccer AM is back on TV. It's one of the best things on the box at this time of year, even if it does include the embarassingly cringe making Soccerette spot. I have to go and make a cuppa when she comes on.


KAZ said...

I'll have alook in the fixtures to find out when they play Everton.

Steve said...

I must confess that football has always been a mystery to me. I;ve never liked it and events like the World Cup just make me irritated rather than patriotic. However, my parents and youngest sister are all ardent Sheffield Wednesday fans and rarely miss a match. I guess the football gene missed me out completely!

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