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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Poetry from spam

Spam, spam, email spam. It all goes into a special filter which I check occasionally, just to make sure the latest Popbitch news hasn’t gone in there by mistake. So, I was checking to retrieve Popbitch from the spam and realised there’s something quite poetic about spam email titles. I thought I’d take the titles, exactly as they were and turn them into a poem. The title and the poem are all from spam, exactly as they arrived. Nothing has been changed. It’s called…

Three Steps to the Software You Need at the Prices You Want

Play Online Casino
Quicky Birds here
Have you liked writing yet?
Re: ?

She will love you more than any other guy
Time is unfair
Fast secure Easy
Re: ?

Jacob & Co. Watches
Generic medications the only way it goes
Re: ?
Fwd: deal


KAZ said...

SPoetry - but not as we know it.
You may have started something here Nora!

Anonymous said...

I loved that.

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