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Monday, February 05, 2007

On the Tube

London Underground is one of the best - and one of the worst - things about living in London. The Tube will take you anywhere you need to go, quickly, smoothly, usually. Sitting so close to your neighbour on the Tube is the hard part. If you’re unlucky, you can smell and tell what they’ve just eaten. If you’ve very unlucky, you can tell if their stomach has disagreed. And if you’re having the journey from hell, then your neighbour will be going swish, boom, crackle, static from their Ipods-a-go-go as you try to blank out their bleedin’ headphone noise to enjoy Alan Bennett on the Piccadilly Line.

*I nicked the picture from here, pictures of real London

1 comment:

Old Cheeser said...

I totally agree with your descriptions of the worst kind of tube neighbour. To add to the "annoying passenger" list I'd like to add people who:

a)insist on shoving their newspaper right in your face
b)sit with their legs as far apart as possible so you're scrunched up next to them
c)don't have the consideration to move down the carriage so you're wedged in the corner when there's plenty of space.

As for the "quickly, smoothly" thing, it depends what line you travel on! I assume you don't have too many problems on the Piccadilly - the Northern line can be another story! Sometimes I think it's an insane way to travel.

Goodness, I've got an axe to grind, haven't I? Okay, breath deeply and relax...

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