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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Capital Woman

Being firmly of the opinion that there’s no point living and working in London unless you grab with both hands all of the goodies it offers, I heartily recommend to all London female readers Capital Woman day.

This year it’s Saturday March 3 and includes a morning of speeches from the Mayor, leading female lights in politics, sports, finance and so on. In the afternoon there’s all sorts of seminars on different issues such as Women and Transport in London, Safety, Food, Families, Jobs, etc. There’s a marketplace where you can pick up leaflets on women - and wimmin - friendly forums, events in the city, lectures, training, talks, loads of good stuff and if that gets too much and you feel leaflet-ed out, there’s a building across the road from the conference centre full of clothing and jewelry to browse around. You can even learn how to fix your bike or watch some excellent female stand-up comedy. It’s such a good day out that it’s a shame, in some ways, it’s for women only. Perhaps there should be a Capital Person day where men are encouraged to attend? But for now, it’s ladies only who can be inspired, informed and entertained on the day - and you even get a free lunch.

The Capital Woman 2007 website is here

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