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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Notes on a Scandal

Went to the flicks to see Notes on a Scandal. I’d read Zoe Heller’s book so long ago that I couldn’t remember the story but it didn’t matter as this was a very good film standing on its own merit. It was dark, intense and moody and whatever you think of Judi Dench (and I know my boyfriend doesn’t rate her and took some persuading to come and see this film with me) there’s no denying what an amazing actress she is. Our shared bag of Revels were well lovely too. I liked this film a lot although not as much as I enjoyed this one last year which won’t half take some beating.


KAZ said...

Yes, Yes and especially yes about Volver.
But (always a but)I think the Judi character was made too much like the wicked witch.
Her performance was terrific, but I wish we'd explored the relationship between Sheba and the boy as in the book.

Steve said...

There is something quite foxy about Dame Judi... but maybe I just have a thing about older women?

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