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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Only the crummiest, flakiest adverts

It’s with little joy that I read that the Cadbury flake girl is on her way back to telly ads. What’ll it be this time? Another dozy mare in a field of opium poppies, off her head with chocolate delight painting flowers in the rain, like the last flake girl did? Maybe she’ll hide her chocolate stash under the sofa in a tin box (Galaxy bar) or be too doped up on choc not to know whether her husband’s going down the pub with his mates or philandering with his floozy (Cadbury Hot Chocolate). She could always imprison herself in her bedroom to snack up alone behind a locked door (Galaxy again). What is it with advertising chocolate to women as a drug?. Choc-o-holics? There’s no such thing, except in the mind of the chocolate men, pushers of a bar of brown fat and cocoa to female sugar addicts. It all sounds a bit Willy Wonka to me.


Steve said...

Too right. I look forward to seeing Ewan McGregor injecting a curly-wurly into his arm mumbling "choose life... choose Cadbury's..." as his eyes glaze over and he slumps over his tin foil wrapped chocolate bar...

Old Cheeser said...

Or how about a hunky male model slowly taking a Cadbury's flake into his mouth? As you say Nora, Cadbury have used women to advertise their products with alarming frequency. Remember the flake ad back in the '80s with the chick sitting on the window ledge, swalowing a flake whilst the phone rings and a lizard runs across it?! Weird! And the saucy close-up of her lips as she spills some flake on it. Very rude.

Let's be honest now. The cadbury's flake is the chocolate equivalent of a phallus. So by using a fella to promote their products, Cadbury's would be helping to balance the scales of equality that bit more.

Sadly, I don't think this is going to happen.

Boz said...

Have you seen the new Flake ad yet? I think it's quite good.

Foxy Laydee? Tick!
Sensual camera work? Tick!
Presposterous situation involving weather? Tick!
Only the crumbliets, flakiest theme song in the world? TICK!!

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