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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Spider in the Bathroom

We've got a really big spider living in our bathroom. It's got a web in the corner above the window where it sits during the day and on an evening it takes up residence by a basket on the floor. It's been there for days now and when I did the bathroom out the other day, I lifted the basket and spider out of the bathroom, cleaned, and then put it back. I think I might have seen it smile.


Boz said...

Is it called.... Webster?

(makes awful joke and flees...)

Old Cheeser said...

How kind you are to God's little creatures, Nora!

I am less tolerant with such insects and have a tendency to chuck them out of the window, or if I'm really mean, squash them.

I guess this means I will be re-incarnated as a spider and have the same done to me.

You on the other hand will undoubtedly come back as something much nicer in your next life, Nora!

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