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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm ready for my close up now, Mr De Mille

What a tart I am. Last month I was on the wireless and today I get a letter in The Guardian's Notes and Queries page. What next? I'd better get my hair done in case Terry Wogan comes calling.


The Murphmeister said...

You could just do what Terry Wogan does and leave it overnight at the cleaners.

We bloggers love a bit of publicity, don't we. I was in the Eastern Daily Press last month. If you need to talk you know where I am Flaming.

Linda said...

Help! I can only find Nitty Nora when I do a search - are you related?

KAZ said...

My mate Norah was so relieved when Norah Jones came on the scene.
It improved her status considerably.

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