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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Big Bag of Revels

There are lots of nice things in this world and here’s another of them - sharing a bag of Revels in a darkened cinema with your special lovely person while watching a fab film. That’s what I did this week when we went to see Casino Royale, the new James Bond film. It was a great film, I enjoyed it immensely, almost as much as the Revels. But it does make me wonder why, when I go to see so much in London – theatre, arts, walks, gigs, meals in fancy-pants restuarants – that the only things I blog from my social life are the films I’ve seen like this one and this one.


Lubin said...


Old Cheeser said...

I have heard lots of good things about Casino Royale, so it's good to hear that it's worth seeing. And I'm sure the Revels added to the experience. Chocolate and the cinema go hand in hand, really.

And what a fetching picture of Daniel Craig. Quite a studmuffin, really isn't he, looking very buff in those tight-fitting trunks. Okay I will stop there, as I will make my husband jealous.

Linda said...

We couldn't decide between this and The Prestige and ended up going to see The Prestige. At the start I got the very same vision as your picture in my mind and mumbled something about wishing we'd gone for Bond, but then I got completely hooked and though I'm not sure about what it all meant, I did enjoy it lots and we are still talking about it now. Good day.

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