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Thursday, May 10, 2018

The book of my life (aka my very first zine)

I've had a lot of fun today making my very first zine.  Having been asked to attend a few events over the next weeks and months, I wanted to create something personal that I could give away. And so I had some bookmarks made which gives details of my debut novel on one side of the bookmark and on the other is a listing of all of my Coronation Street books.

And today I've been making a zine.  It's a book of my life as a writer - from writing Corrie weekly updates for th'internet, all the way through to writing official Corrie books for ITV and Corrie fan books for other publishers as well as self-publishing too.  Then it chronicles my life as a creative writer, making up my own stories, my forays into writing for women's magazines and more literary stories for competitions. 

It opens up to a sheet of A4 which you can read just like a book in your hand.  Here's one side of it:

And here's the other:

And the zine ends, as all good books should, with a happy ending and the news of my three book deal with Headline.

I'm still working on the zine, it's by no means perfect but I rather think that's the point with zines. I'm really happy with the way it looks, a tiny handmade book of my life that I can hand out at events. Chuffed. A day well spent playing on the computer.

And here's the events listings here.

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