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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

My two short stories published today

I've two short stories published today. 

The first story is in The People's Friend Special No. 127.  It's called When I'm Cleaning Windows - and I love it.  I had a lot of fun writing it.  Inspiration for the story came to me when I was actually doing housework (I never have my mind on the job, doing housework). When I was cleaning the windows I thought how odd that I'd rarely seen a woman window cleaner doing the rounds, they all seem to be fellas.  And then I thought ... what if I wrote a story about a woman window cleaner and all the things she saw through people's windows ...

And the second story published today is in this week's edition of The People's Friend magazine, on sale Weds 3 August.  It's a story called The Lemon Drizzle Cake.  Inspiration for this came from something very personal, a recipe handed down. I can't say any more otherwise I'll cry.

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