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Monday, August 22, 2016

Pedro Almodovar's new film, Julieta

To the flicks to see a preview screening of the new Pedro Almodovar film, Julieta. 

I'm a big Pedro fan, it has to be said, and jumped at the chance of being one of the first to see his new film. It didn't disappoint. 

It's a magnificent film that goes straight into my top 3 all-time favourite Almodovar films. 

These are, if you're interested:

1. Volver
2. Julieta
3. Broken Embraces

Almodovar's signature flash of red appears often in the film, it's there at every turn.

At the end of the film, as the credits rolled and the music played, people stood up to leave and walk out. I was stuck in my seat from the emotion and drama, unable to move. How could these other cinema-goers just get up and go? Had they not been watching the same film that I had? 

It's a truly magnificent film - emotional, involving, mature and grown-up. 

Fortunately, my husband loves these films too. He even wrote a blog post about them.

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