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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hell is other people - and trolls, mainly trolls

I don't think I've felt so melancholy in a long time about doing something I love. Something I've been doing almost every single day for almost 10 years.  Those of you who know me can guess what it is.

The internet is wonderful.

The internet is horrible. 

This week has been a horrible week. 

I've had to delete troll comments, again.

And I've had to fend off the most disgusting homophobic rant received by email from someone in Canada. This person mistook for the official ITV Coronation Street site. has, and always will have, the words 'fan website' on it at the top, in large letters. This person ignored that and took out their vitriol on me, a fan. 

I receive homophobic, sexist and racist emails from Coronation Street 'fans' almost every day of the week, almost always from Canada.  I normally delete them without reply.  This week I replied, fed up to the back teeth of emails from bigots.

I'm a Coronation Street fan. I keep and the Coronation Street Blog going and growing because I love writing about my favourite TV show. 

99.9% of fellow fans who leave comments or send message to me are great.  It's that tiny percentage who really cut to the core with their bigotry and hatred.

I don't think I've felt so melancholy in a long time about doing something I love.

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Myra Maynes said...

Sweet Glenda... So sorry to read about the trolls and their hurtful comments. They're appear to be rampant with their cuts and jabs ... I've been on the receiving end of a few and they really do cut to the quick. The anonymity of the Internet allows these goons to terrorize others and I sincerely wish that people were not so apt to spew venom because they can hide under the cloak of never being held accountable for their actions. As a Canadian, it saddens me to think that those bigoted, neck less, dick-less, brainless cowards are not only part of my society but that they also feel entitled to spread their poisonous views through the safe and fun forum that we Corrie fans enjoy.
There is no apology that I could offer on their behalf so I won't begin to attempt one. Instead, please know that your blog and commentary over the years have provided great joy to your readers and for some folks, me included, it has kept us going through extremely difficult times. Stay strong, know that for each of those hurtful comments there are many, many more of us who love the show and your wonderful, humorous commentary on life on the street.
Stay strong and don't let the haters get you down... Thanks too for shielding the rest of us from their vitriol, as gatekeeper your role protects us from the ugliness and I can't thank you enough for all you do.

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