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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spamalot at the Sunderland Empire

To the Sunderland Empire last night to see Spamalot.  I'd resisted going to see this show all the time we were living in London because I'm not a huge Monty Python fan and didn't think I'd enjoy it.

How wrong I was.

The show is hilarious and I highly recommend it, laughed all the way through.  Bonnie Langford and Todd Carty (who will always be Tucker Jenkins to me) were brilliant and everything about the show sparkled. I loved it. Bonnie was a revealation, she can't half belt out a tune.

Mind you, I was sitting next to this really annoying fella who clearly was a Monty Python fan as he kept up with the dialogue word for word, muttering along to the show as it whizzed through Monty Python script he was obviously familiar with. He really got on my nerves and I wanted to punch him. If he hadn't been my husband, I would have. Instead, I gave him a gentle squeeze on the knee and he kindly shut up.

The show runs at the Sunderland Empire until Saturday April 21st. You must go.

1 comment:

bbhilda said...

I loved the paragraph about the annoying fellow next to you, I didn't see that coming! LOL!

I don't know who the fellow was you mentioned, but Todd Carty will always be Mark Fowler to me.

Great review Nora.

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