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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

JSA overpayment - the saga rumbles on

A quick update as I'm sure you've all been worried sick about my saga with JSA overpayment.

For a recap on what's gone on so far, have a look here. In a nutshell, the DWP say they've overpaid me JSA and want their money back because I didn't tell the Jobcentre I'd started work. Oh, but I did. And so I've had to appeal against their decision because they weren't interested in listening to a reasonable person put the facts to them in a letter. In fact, they told me the only way their system could handle this was for me to lodge an appeal, so I had no choice.

The situation at the moment is that my case is still at the appeal stage. Or at least I think it is as it's all gone very quiet and I'm not being chased for money any more. 

I have, however, requested five times by phone and letter since this bad joke began at the beginning of the year, information relating to my JSA overpayment from the DWP.  Finally, finally, I received two letters from them recently.  The first letter gave the wrong dates they were chasing JSA overpayment for.  Sigh.  The second letter gave the wrong amounts and wrong dates they were chasing JSA overpyamnet for. In fact, that second letter didn't even acknowledge that they had overpaid me any JSA at all.  Double sigh.

All I can do now is wait and see what the appeal throws up and if it goes against me, I'll be taking it further. What appals me is how disorganised and inept the DWP are.

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Anonymous said...

I'm prevented by the Official Secrets Act from disclosing just how incompetent certain OTHER government departments are (hence the anonymous post from your erstwhile shiny colleague), but trust me: it isn't just the DWP.

I'm sure that makes you feel much better :-\

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