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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Geordie Sinatra at the Live Theatre, Newcastle

To one of my favourite theatre venues this weekend, the Live Theatre on Newcastle's Quayside to see Geordie Sinatra. 

The play is running at the Live Theatre before it transfers to the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, another of my favourite places for reasons too varied, and personal, to mention.

Geordie Sinatra is a play about an old man with Alzheimer's Disease.  The disease causes him to think he's really Frank Sinatra. There's a lot more going on, as you'd expect, with his wife, daughter and drummer leading double lives, adding to the general confusion about what's real or imagined, truthful or lies. 

It's an excellent play and I give it a Flaming Nora thumbs up of 4 stars out of 5.

See what the Guardian thought of it too.


Anonymous said...

I loved it too. Great show and at a super venue. Bit different to when I used to work on the Quayside Market every weekend though!

I will see it at The Stephen Joseph theatre as well. Very happy memories when I used to watch my mother act there and indeed my wife. Malcolm Hebden (Norris Cole) was a director there at the same time!

Marginalia said...

It sounds very interesting. Liked the opening of the Guardian review!

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