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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DWP finally admit that they're wrong

In January this year I received a letter from the DWP Debt Management Centre saying I owed them almost £500 in overpaid Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) I had claimed while jobseeking last year.

You can read about the saga at my first, second and third blog posts. I won't go into it all again here, it's been too stressful for words.

Today a letter arrives from the DWP admitting they're wrong and crap.

Their words: "We have looked again at the facts and evidence we used to make our decision and looked at the points raised. As a result we have changed our decision and have decided that the overpayment is not recoverable and you do not have to pay this back."

While relieved, I'm also angry that they've put me through months of jumping through stressful hoops, having to prove that they were wrong.


Digger said...

Well thank God that's over - and with a sensible result. Although as you point out any halfway decent department would either not have put you through this in the first place, or at least admitted their mistake the FIRST time you pointed it out.

No offer of compensation for stress, time wasted and loss of reputation I take it?

I think you should celebrate by sitting down with a nice cup of tea and an extremely well-written eco-thriller :0)

Marginalia said...

Well done you.

Do something hugely symbolic and important to celebrate the little people's victor over the agents of overbearing state.

bbhilda said...

I am so glad this is finally over for you Glenda. Stupid jumped up twits! Telling you that you do not have to pay is not exactly an apology is it?

So glad you held your ground, I am sure they rely on people caving in, they have less work that way.

I had the same problem here fighting for my husband's old age pension. After living here all his life, and serving 28 years in the RCAF he was told he wasn't a Canadian citizen and not entitled to his OAP. They finally backed down 6 months after he died. :-/

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