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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pauline Quirke & Patsy Cline

Pauline Quirke was interviewed on Soccer AM today. (I love Soccer AM but have to turn it over when the Soccerette comes on, it's too cringing for words. Girls - get a life, for gawd's sake! And why do they always look the same, week in, week out?). I've been a fan of Pauline's ever since she hosted Pauline's Quirkes on telly when I was a kid. And she had Flintlock as house band (the 70s answer to Take That?). Second thing on telly today which put a smile on my face was hearing one of my favourite songs used in an advert. Using famous songs in adverts is not always A Good Thing, especially when it's your musical hero and you feel they've sold out (you have, David Bowie). But when it's the Patsy Cline classic Walking After Midnight, and even if it is for a French beer that I don't like and never buy, it was still good to hear it on telly.

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