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Monday, September 04, 2006

Kick out sexism in football

There are high profile campaigns to kick out racism in football and more recently, a new campaign to kick out homophobia. Well, that’s ethnic minorities and gay men considered. But what about women? Where’s the campaign to kick out sexism in football? Sunderland AFC boast the highest proportion of female season ticket holders - maybe SAFC club mascot Delilah could champion the cause? What’s that? It’s all good, clean fun, you say? Try standing in a footy crowd at one of the many clubs that have “cheer-leaders” at half time, twirling and smiling and just hear the very nasty, sexually abusive comments hurled by the blokes in the crowd to the girls on the pitch. Sky TV know they have a winner of a programme in Soccer AM but should lose the anachronistic and sexist Soccerette spot. Either get rid of the Soccerettes or get one that’s got something to say for herself, someone who shows more personality than leg. And why are there never any female footy fans in the studio? Why are they all lardy lads?

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Mof Gimmers said...

I run a football website, and unsurprisingly, 75% of our members are blokes. Having a season ticket for many moons, it wouldn't seem that getting women into the ground is a problem, and cheerleaders are usually derided by both men AND women... still... the box is full of lardy blokes twittering on about football because, I fear, women have actually got interesting lives.

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