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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Behind The Green Door

Read a really interesting snippet in The Guardian - my paper of choice during the week. At weekends I read The Observer (usually up its own arse), The Independent (ditto but not as much) and The Mirror (gossip, scandal, tabloid tales). Anyway, this interesting snippet revealed the truth about The Green Door from the song taken to the charts by Shakin' Stevens and Frankie Vaughen. Turns out the green door featured in the film The Killing of Sister George and in real life was the entry door to one of London's first lesbian clubs - the Gateways. So the song is about a man trying to gain entry to the club via the green door, and of course he's refused. I love that sort of trivia, me. Yes, this picture is of a green door but is totally unconnected to the song, I just liked it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint, but I was member of the Gateways Club until in closed in the 80's and this is not a photograph of its entrance.

Anonymous said...

...have re-read this blog...I should have been more succint..ogf course that's not a photo of the entrance of the Gateways which didn't have a green door in any case!!

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