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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Novel writing diary week 5: More tea, vicar?

This week has been busy and I've now completed four chapters in total. I've settled into a writing routine, things are going well and my mind's in overdrive. In fact, it's been so much in overdrive that I had to take part of one day to look again at planning as I was in danger of speeding and going off track.

Having a plan for each chapter has been crucial for me. Lists, planning - that's how my brain works. And then around the constructed loom of each chapter plan I weave and embroider my tale. This is when I find out my plan either holds up brilliantly or doesn't work at all. If it's the latter then tweaks are made, changes happen and the plan shifts and morphs to fit the new characters and situations which have crawled out of my brain.

I also had tea with the vicar this week who shared tales from the parish at the time in which my novel is set. Creative inspiration works in mysterious ways.

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